Shot of stage and Midas console

The 60's NOW! show setup at Suntec City Singpore.

This was a very busy stage during the night.

Riem de Wolfe and Vernon Cornelius
<- Two of the stars of the 60's NOW! show.
Vernon Cornelius (on right) and Riem de Wolfe
Patricia and Vernon
<-Vernon with Patricia Pestana, 60's NOW! show. Paricia wowed them big time. Lovely lady, big voice.
Vernon's part of the show
Vernon, always with style. Abadi Soesman Band behind him.
Abadi Soesman Band behind Vernon
<- The Abadi Soesman Band behind Vernon. They played behind Riem and Patricia as well as their own spot. Versatile guys from Jakarta.
Vernon and band in full swing
Vernon with the Abadi Soesman Band in full swing
Patricia Pestana and Abadi's band band

<- Patricia with Abadi's band. Her part of the show was so good, everyone loved her.

The Jumping Jewels from Holland
The Jumping Jewels from Holland, also behind Johnny Lion. Drummer hidden behind guitarist on left.
Everyone on stage for the finale, The Faberlights (backing vocalists) behind to the right on a riser.
Almost all the performers for finale

And last but not least, two shots of the finale -> with all artists on stage for a rousing farewell and encores.

Look closely at the pic below to see 4 talented young singers called The Faberlights on the riser at right.

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels
Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels.
Pic's page 2
Pic's page 2