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Equipment and crew

The Midas heritage 3000 mixing console, a beautifull desk to work with.
Another shot of the Midas and some of the racks on the shows in Suntec City Singapore
ElectroVoice X-Line Array, right sideof system at Suntec City.
A shot of the monitor desk and racks at Suntec City shows.
Monitor crew Showtec Communications, Singapore.
Lighting operator Showtec Communications at break.
The Midas Heritage 3000, a beautifull console
The E.V. X-Array, right side. Accurate and efficient.
Monitor Land
Monitor crew
It's hard work as a lighting operator :-)
Chandra Mohan, Showtec Communications System Engineer

Chandra, Showtec's head of audio & system engineer.

Good man with a good crew.

All equipment & crew on this show was provided by Showtec Communications Singapore

























































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