Show shots No. 2
Metallica live at PEC pre encore
Metallica live at PEC
Metallica live at PEC
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More history of shows at P.E.C. over the years.
Peter Gabriel live at PEC pic 1
Peter Gabriel and band at PEC pic 2
Peter Gabriel and band at PEC pic 3
4th pic of Peter Gabriel and band onstage at PEC
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The false Proscenium Arch built for Phantom of The Opera at PEC, absolutely stunning!
The Riverdance stage and band setup at PEC
A scene form Riverdance at PEC
Another scene from Riverdance, great lighting and stage set.
Phantom of The Opera
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The Russian State ballet at PEC
A third scen from Riverdance at PEC
a 5th scene from Riverdance at PEC
The finale of Riverdance at PEC, all cast on stage.
The Cure at PEC, very creative lighting designer
2nd shot of The Cure at PEC
another shot of The Cure
My avourite, Tina Turner.
Tina Turner 2nd pic
3rd pic of Tina Turner at PEC
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4th and last pic of The Cure at PEC
Russian State Ballet
Pic's 1 to3 , An amazing act with a creative L.D., The Cure. Pic 4 next row.
The Cure pic 4
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PEC in corporate show mode for Annual Westrac Function
Annual Westrac Function





































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