Backstage and Crew shots.

The thumbnail shots below are of pictures taken of various crew members from Perth Entertainment Centre in varying locations, a couple of equipment shots, plus when available, touring crew etc. It would not be right to do this page and leave out a character known to all in the industry here plus most touring crew, Chris Colllie. There is a classic shot of Chris, and anyone who knows him will identify with it immediately :-) Just click on the thumbnails, and it will take you to the main shot.

P.E.C. backstage loading bay seen from right mezzanine level
Viv Decle and Ricky Turner in crew room at PEC
Chris Collie, a well known person from Bunbury
Shot of early PEC crew for Fat Cats Birthday show 1980 something
The 20 local crew required as spot operators for U2
Wocko, the maintenance man of many years
Steve Tullet, head of security
Rocky gets a snake as a bracelet
Rocky, Paul, Steve and Warren on Rocky's boat
Myself at the backstage door
John Vasey (Ozzie) from Jands
The semi trailers are ready
The new JBL drivers ready for loading into Concord speaker boxes
The PEC dimmer room being rewired for digital
The Series 2 Concord speaker boxes during refurbishment of drivers
B'stage Loading Bay
Chris Collie
Early crew
Fat Cat's B'day
U2 Spot Op's
Viv Decle &
Ricky Turner
Steve Tullett, Security
Rocky's new bracelet
Rocky, Paul Sear, Steve & Warren
Your's truly
Ozzie, from Jands
Trucks are ready
Concords Series 2
Concord drivers reload
P.E.C. Dimmer Room rewire
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